There were 15 members of a family named Julien.

Fame of the JuliensEdit

Number Predecessor of Successor of Reigned during as lord/king during How they died Important events of Madagascar
1 Julien II Lycaon 650 B.C.-618 B.C. Died of natural causes The bylaw of Julien II
2 Julien III Julien I 623 B.C.-597 B.C. Died from a vampire's kiss The bylaw of Julien II
3 Julien IV Julien II 599 B.C.-574 B.C. Accidentally reaped by the claws of the werewolf king S.S. Madagascar Voyager is sunk, S.S. Amazon Voyager 1 is built. The Africans secretly claim rights over Chapel Island Sound.
4 Julien V Julien III 579 B.C.-523 B.C. Fell into the swamp & was killed by a crocodile The Africans are driven out of Chapel Island Sound after sinking S.S. Madagascar Julien
5 Julien VI Julien IV 542 B.C.-496 B.C. Impaled by an African archer in disguise Bylaw of Julien V
6 Julien VII Julien V 503 B.C.-446 B.C. Died of natural causes Bylaw of Julien V
7 Julien VIII Julien VI 457 B.C.-393 B.C. Drowned in the Chapel Island Sound during a Madagascan monsoon The maiden voyage of the S.S. Madagascar Gold sets sail & retires into the royal chamber before Julien died
8 Julien IX Julien VII 398 B.C.-332 B.C. Died of natural causes Bylaw of Julien IX
9 Julien X Julien VIII 345 B.C.-285 B.C. Swept away by a Madagascan monsoon Bylaw of Julien IX
10 Julien XI Julien IX 292 B.C.-213 B.C. Died of natural causes African violence begins terrorizing Amazonia
11 Julien XII Julien X 224 B.C.-196 B.C. Killed by a lunatic Madagascan The Right Hand/Left Hand Man Law is passed
12 Julien XIII Julien XI 185 B.C.-153 B.C. Burned to death by an African contract killer Clemson becomes king/lord as his father passes away, S.S. Madagascar Royal is built & sets sail
13 Julien XII Julien XIV 152 B.C.-145 B.C.? Died from falling over Niagara Falls Second War between Madagascar & Africa
14 Julien XV Julien XIII 130 B.C.?-100 B.C. Killed by the Time Death & Blinky's ghost Africa becomes part of the Madagascan Empire, fails to secede.
15 James Winston Julien XIV 105 B.C.-90 B.C. Killed by the Time Death The Madagascan-African Peace Treaty is signed, ending all conflicts & disputes between the dying African Empire supporters & the Madagascan Empire

Laws made by the Juliens during their reignsEdit

Bylaw of Julien IIEdit

The bylaw of Julien II issued a decree that every king could not have a lord unrelated to them. Hence, if the lord were to die before the king was to have a son (or have one below the age of citizenship), the king would become a lord & retain the powers of king until an offspring of an appropriate age comes along

Bylaw of Julien VEdit

The bylaw of Julien V is a decree that the legislature/royal court of Madagascar, should have equal power as the king & lord, so the king & lord would have 50-50 cut of the government.

Bylaw of Julien IXEdit

The bylaw of Julien IX is a law that lowers the age of citizenship from 21 to 13 years of age. However, another portion of this law lowers marrying age, which is from 25 to 16 years & the royalty portion also includes that a king's son shall be a prince until they become 13 years old & be crowned

Right Hand/Left Hand Man LawEdit

The Right Hand/Left Hand Man Law was passed by Julien XI in the event of an emergency as if a lord & king were both to die, but they were to have an heir underage. The right hand man would take over & take the throne until said heir became of 13 years of age, while the left hand man will become the right hand man & a royally selected man will become the left hand man. Should the right hand man be absent or dead before his royal dutys can be confirmed, the left hand man automatically is promoted from left hand man to the king/lord while two royally selected subjects become the right & left hand men.

Documents that marked history by the JuliensEdit

The only known document that marked history was the Julienian Articles. This document was a peace treaty written on parchment that was written by Maurice & signed by Julien XIII & the Madagascan & African Royal Courts. The article announced the end of the Second War, it claimed to have resolved the Erian Conflicts that had been warring for centurys & it decreed that the African Empire was officially "dead" & the land of Africa has become part of Madagascar. In the closing, it praised to hope for peaceful tranquility in Madagascar for all lords & this era would last until the end of time.

& it becomes necessary to dissolve all bands of conflict at the end of a time of suffering & upon the signage of this treaty, the land & empire that called itself Africa in the name of Sir Alexander will become part of the empire of Madagascar. These truths are held to be self evident & all men are created equal, with the freedoms of never ending life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. & so, we bid Africa farewell & look on to hope for the best of the next & forever lasting generations during the reigns of lords named Julien in the Madagascan Empire
—Closing of the Julienian Articles, written by Lord Julien XIII

This document has several copys. To be exact, there are 5 copys, 1 is held in the archives of the Madagascan museum in Wolfenstein. Another is held in the temple of the Juliens' wealth & treasures. A third is held in the hands of the dead African government. The fourth & fifth copys are in the possessions of Julien XIII & Bart Sampson.

Political views of the JuliensEdit

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Impact made on MadagascarEdit

Relations to other familysEdit

Madagascar familyEdit

The Julien family sprouted off from a branch in the ancient Madagascar family line. Thaddeus Madagascar was one of Julien I's ancestors.

Winston familyEdit

Winston Charles III, also known as Charles Winston, had interlocked with the Julien & Madagascar familys many times. The first was the marriage of Trixie Charles, who was the sister of Charles/Winston. Somehow, a Winston marryed another ancestor of Julien & eventually, it branched into the Julien family, which was now rich of many values of different familys.

Julia familyEdit

The Julia family was another family built off of the Madagascar/Winston lines. It has a slight relation to the Juliens in blood, yet this was not discovered until closer examination of the family tree. The Julias once crossed blood again through the marriage of Julia V & Julien XIII.

Finch familyEdit

The Finch family relationship is unknown of it's origins.

Johnson familyEdit

The Johnsons formed off of the branch of the Finch family sometime between Lycaon & Marcus Finch.

Africa familyEdit

During the early days of Eris, Winston Charles possibly marryed an African girl or a relative. The Africa family starting off at Alexander Africa seemed to be connected to the Madagascar & Charles lines by the roots of the people before the Great War.