It was a Uranian belief that if a boy or girl were to kiss under a Kissing Sap Tree, they would become ghouls.

Other Uranian beliefsEdit

There were more beliefs on how to become a ghoul:

  • Getting kissed by a ghoul in the throat: It was believed that if one were to be kissed in the throat by a ghoul, the DNA of the ghoul could mix & transform the victim into one
  • Kissing a ghoul under a Kissing Sap Tree: Another belief was kissing a ghoul while awake under the tree, they would transform into a ghoul instead of suffering the horrible fate of getting kissed by a ghoul.
  • Kissing a Kissing Sap Tree: Since Kissing Sap Trees emit what is called Vampiral Kissing Glue, it is believed that kissing the tree or drinking it's sap would also turn the person into a ghoul.


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