There are several laws on Saturn.

Top 10 CrimesEdit

Name Description Type of criminal act/code Punishment Most common method
Alcoholic Speakeasy Selling alcohol or other illegal drugs or beverages or just selling any drug illegally (bartering it or just secretly trading it for something else in return) 1S Prison sentence between 5-20 years Prison sentence of 14 years
Unregistered/Untagged Spaceship Parts or Spaceship Part Trade Speakeasy Selling unregistered, untagged or illegal spaceship parts or trading spaceship parts for something else in return 1L

Prison sentence between 5-10 years (depends on severity)

Prison sentence of 7 years
Absence of the Stygian Saturn Moon Ball Failure to comply to show up at the midnight or day-night partys of the Stygian Saturn Moon Ball without an excused absence by the Great Oracle 2S Death by methods (Saturnium poisoning, Vampiral Kiss if the Uranian blood or Styx sleeping) Death by sleeping in the Styx
Perjury of the gods This crime can only be committed by the Great Oracle, in which, the Oracle speaks lies of the gods 3S Death by Styx sleeping Death by Styx sleeping
Sun Blazing To force one to get Sun Blazed during the Burning Sun 4L Death by flaming star Death by flaming star
Sun Burning To lock one in a Sun Burning Chamber, where they are Sun Blazed by a more severe degree in the Burning Sun 4S Death by flaming star Death by flaming star
Nuclear ownership Owning Saturnium or other nuclear elements when not working for the Saturnian government 5S Prison sentence of 25-50 years Prison sentence of 40 years
Double Jeopardy Charges Depending on the severity of the same crime 10S Prison sentence twice as long or life sentence if not life sentence last time but is too long for any human after 50 years in prison <-Same sentence
Triple Jeopardy Charges Depending on severity of the same crime 15S Prison sentence 3 times longer than the last unless if the sentence would be longer than 100 years, then it would be life sentence, possible death sentence <-Same sentence
Quadruple Jeopardy Charges Depends on severity of the same crime 25S Life sentence, possible death sentence Life sentence