At some time when Bart Sampson & Milhouse Van Houseman were still at the Saturnian Space Academy, Milhouse pranked the football team of the school.


Milhouse Van Houseman had a crush on one of the pretty cheerleaders, Jane Smith (before he had a crush on Lisa Sampson). Milhouse had a conversation with her while she was practicing cheerleading. However, her boyfriend, James Anderson & his best friend, Darrel Shane, found Milhouse & took his conversation as flirting. Anderson & Shane confronted Milhouse & beat him up at his locker. Bart came & saved him, but by then, the two had finished what they intended to do.



Milhouse took a cooking class, so he decided to bake a cake, the one for the undefeated football season for the championship. Milhouse then inserted an ingredient that wasn't in the cake recipe, Bart Sampson, who'd been on dish duty because of his fight with Darrel Shane, witnessed this & saw Milhouse applying a chocolate laxative into the cake.


At halftime, the overconfident Saturnians decided to celebrate their victory early by having the cake at halftime. Milhouse actually anticipated this & then, Bart, telling Jack Stewart about the prank years later, remembered it & claimed:

"About 5 minutes later, the whole team, the football jocks, the cheerleaders, the coaches, were all dancing around. Every toilet, filthy or clean, outside was full of one person who'd eaten the cake. Even the backup players for Anderson & Shane were put in the field & they'd eaten the cake."
Bart Sampson recollecting to Jack Stewart what happened

The game had to be forfeited due to the laxative

Discovery & PunishmentEdit

Milhouse was pulled into an interrogation after one of the cooking class girls said Milhouse baked the cake. Bart was later pulled into the interrogation due to the fact he witnessed Milhouse do it. Bart & Milhouse were both given detentions, while Milhouse got an A+ extra credit grade in the military class for his stealthiness


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