Lowak of Iks is the hero of Yore & is a master of fighting, he isn't as muscular or as skilled or agile as his brother Lyze of Kiel. Lowak & Lyze changed their names at the island of Yore to avoid becoming targets of Aegolius after the war in the Northern Kingdom. Lowak changed his name to Kowalski & became a military training ryb.


  • Pain/Healing Momentum: Lowak is a master at Pain or Healing Momentum, which is after a long battle, he rests & keeps himself down & relaxed to circulate blood & eventually heal in only a few minutes to hours. An example of this is after being thrown off an airship & landing down in the forest kingdom of Tyto, which he spent about two hours pain-sleeping
  • Time Pain Staller: Lowak can also slow down pain time such as falling from high spots to absorb air resistance to weaken the pain of impact
  • Chi Blocking: Lowak also is able to chi block an opponent by causing them to be distracted & he would hit pressure points few times to stop their rhythm


  • The name Lowak doesn't have a meaning
  • If you look at the name Kowalski, you'll notice that the Iks is in front of Lowak without the of to make the Ikslowak, which is reversed for Kowalski.
  • Kowalski is a Polish name, which means "blacksmith"