The Madagascan-Winston Empire is a post-apocalyptic dystopian version of the Madagascan Empire. The Madagascan-Winston Empire is ruled by the Winston family, from James to Fred Winston.


Second War of Madagascar & AfricaEdit

End of the Julien familyEdit

James Winston's executionEdit

Relationships with other empires/nationsEdit

Separatist-Amazonian EmpireEdit

Vatican EmpireEdit

The Vatican Empire was enraged by James Winston, who repealed every law in the Empire Julien made. This meant that the alliance in the empire with the Vaticans had to be cut. To implicate the Vaticans, Separatists visited the city, dressed as Madagascan soldiers & attacked, flying the new Winston flag. The Vaticans fell for it & declared war on the Madagascan-Winston Empire

Chinese EmpireEdit

African EmpireEdit

The African Empire died after the Second War of Madagascar & Africa. But, with the break in the power of the chaos of the empire, they managed to declare secession by news of the Separatists & agreed to ally them in war. After learning the Madagascan failure, the Africans raised their old flag & burned the Madagascan one.


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