The Madagascan Death Clan was an African terrorist group that operated before the Julien Murder Strike Team. The Clan had two goals: to kidnap the Madagascan lord, Julien XII & kill the African lord, George Madagascar. The group suffered severe losses due to skirmishes & law enforcement.




Era of Madagascar's WrathEdit


The final days of the group were when the reign of George Madagascar ended as the only other three members, Algernon, Sylvester & Marie, all led a full all-out attack on the African palace. Sylvester & Marie both died fighting to get in & Algernon managed to get into the palace & stabbed Madagascar to death. He stabbed a guard who rushed to arrest him. Before the guard died, he shot Algernon, killing him. The clan was down to only two members: Clyde & Pinky. The goal to kill Madagascar had been established, but now there was no one to be assigned to pull off the kidnapping plot. Clyde & Pinky both knew that the two alone could not attempt it & manage to pull it off successfully. The clan was in disarray & the admission of two recruits did not assist in the dilemma. The two recruits were named Inky & Blinky. Inky was a seaboy that had a drinking problem & had actually killed his own family due to an episode of drinking & Blinky was a pirate who had lost his galleons & crew & been thrown overboard & washed onto African shores.


The clan officially dissolved completely when it was renamed as ["evolved into"] the Julien Murder Strike Team. The new team had no independence, but was specifically hired by the new lord, Clemson. The group would prepare & in the month of April 153 B.C., they sailed into Madagascar & killed Julien XII.


* Member that evolved into the Julien Murder Strike Team
** Joined the last few days of the Clan's existance
† Deceased


  • Bloodbath of the Julienville Shore (failed with unanimous casualtys)
  • Assassination of George Madagascar (succeeded, no returning survivors)


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