There are 2 flags of the Madagascan Empire.

Imperial/National FlagEdit

Madagascan Flag

The Imperial Flag of Madagascar

The Imperial Flag of Madagascar is the flag that is used to recognize the government of the Madagascan Empire. The flag has three bands, the left one is red, the middle one is white & the right one is green. The red band symbolizes control & wartime & green symbolizes peacetime. In the middle of the white band is an olive branch reef, which describes the behavior the Empire will establish between all other empires or nations, unless threatened by the other nation/empire. In addition, in the middle of the reef is a golden coin that symbolizes the continuous eternal existance of the Empire & it's timeline.

Battle FlagEdit

Madagascan Battle Flag

The Battle Flag of Madagascar

The Battle Flag of Madagascar is the flag of the government that is used during wartime. It is used in public during major wars i.e. the Second War of Madagascar & Africa. The flag doesn't differ from the Imperial Flag at all, with the exception of the olive branch reef & eternity coin are both replaced with a sword.


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