Madagascan raid on Chapel Island
Part of the Second War of Madagascar & Africa
Battle Statistics
Side that won: Madagascar
Location: Chapel Island & Chapel Island Sound
War Status
Proceeded by: Battle Under the Sound
Succeeded by: Battle over Madagascar

The Madagascan raid on Chapel Island was a brief skirmish on Chapel Island that was intended to storm the island & flush the African forces out of the island. It was led by Dimitri Chase, who led the previous battle in the Chapel Island Sound. Both battles were part of the major Battle of Madagascar.



Defeat of the AfricansEdit

Pinky's retreatEdit

Pinky attacked Dimitri by throwing him into her prison. After chasing him, she pinned him to the floor, but failed to kiss him & ended up stabbing him in the chest with a stiletto. Pinky escaped & her forces fled to the Sound, where the subs & African ships were greeting at the mouths by cannonfire & torpedoes shot by Madagascan forts & other naval ships. Pinky got away & boarded a flagship near the Death Head.



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