Marie Marcus
Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on: March 153 B.C.
  • The Black Death
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 14
Social life
Other statistics
  • Terrorist
Resides on/in: Africa, Eris
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Marie Pink Marcus was an African terrorist who was in the Madagascan Death Clan & took a direct role in the assassination of George Madagascar, killing herself by attacking Royal Security. Marie & Clyde were known to have a minor relationship with each other, they only dated less than two weeks at one time & were known to argue over her brother, Sylvester, about the assassination plot.


Early YearsEdit





Marie looks like a typical goth girl. She wears a black shirt with a skull & crossbones on it & sometimes leather jackets with/without chains, metal bracelets or chain wallet. She also wears either disheveled gray or brown shorts or leather pants & silver belts with a skull on the buckle. She also wears a lot of rings & owns a switchblade.


Marie also dyes her hair black, but also different streaks of colors, such as purple & blue. She also wears lots of mascara, making her eyelids black, purple or blue. She wears black lipstick & has her hair greased to stick out & make a point that points down, similar to a widow's peak.

Personal LifeEdit




"No, we're not. & I'LL TELL YOU WHY NOT! Because your brother Sylvester is an irresponsible, unreliable, no-good, lowdown, inconsiderate, rude, loudmouth, lazy bum. Who if he isn't a crook, it's because he doesn't even have the brains or ambition to become one, let alone be a full fledged terrorist!"
Clyde explaining his dislike for Sylvester Marcus to Marie

Clyde was the leader of the terrorist group after the Bloodbath of the Julienville Shores. Marie used to date Clyde before in a trip to the Vatican to safely discuss plans to conspire against Madagascar & Africa. It was that trip that Marie was admitted to the clan & brought her brother along with her. Clyde & her only dated for 12 days on that trip. In that time, the two held intense feelings for each other to the point that they had sexual intercourse. Their relationship toned down as Marie began to like another boy. Clyde never really bothered because in between that time & the time that Pinky & him dated, he had the desire to destroy Madagascar. Their positive friendship was shattered during a meeting to discuss the assassination of George Madagascar, where Clyde insulted Marie when she asked why Clyde wasn't going to involve Sylvester & he answered that Sylvester was an "irresponsible, unreliable, no-good, lowdown, inconsiderate, rude, loudmouth, lazy bum" & he commented that if he isn't a crook, it was only because he did not have the intelligence or was too lazy to even become a crook, "let alone a full fledged terrorist". This completely destroyed their positive feelings towards each other. Marie then disobeyed Clyde's orders by bringing her brother along & the two died together in the assassination attempt.


Algernon HawthorneEdit

Marie & Algernon do not a positive relationship. They often have arguments that result in brawls, where Marie beats Algernon up. One time, before the meeting of the dying Madagascan Death Clan to discuss the assassination of George Madagascar, Clyde had to literally get between the two to stop them from tearing each other to pieces & letting their little argument transform into World War II.


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