Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on: 250 B.C.
  • Metal Face
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 16
Social life
Other statistics
  • Enforcer of St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans (before he assumed the identity of Metal Face)
  • Commander of the Pure Ones (as Metal Face)
Resides on/in: St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans, St. Aegolius Canyons, Chiron
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:
Metal Face was a name assumed by Grimble when he was mind capped by Aegolius & Nyra & had a mask placed on his face to prevent infection & don a terrifying appearance to spread fear after his face was badly cut from a battle between him & mind-capped Hortense.


Main article: Grimble#Bio

Enslavement in the St. Aegolius Academy for OrphansEdit

Treason & BattleEdit

Life as Metal FaceEdit

Mind capping & maskingEdit

Battle of Silver TriangleEdit

Siege of YoreEdit

Battle of YoreEdit

Battle over the BeaksEdit

Battle over Tyto & DeathEdit

During the Pure Ones' retreat to the canyons, Metal Face & his troops flew over Tyto forest to escape the Yorian troops in pursuit that had attacked them over the Beaks. The exhausted soldiers disobeyed the High Tyto's orders & rested for an hour in the safety of the trees & cabins in Tyto forest. As they flew into the sky, they were ambushed by Yorians who blended in with the forest & troops. Lyze of Kiel, under the guise of Ezylryb & Lowak of Iks, under the guise of Kowalski, directed the attack & went straight for Metal Face. Lyze attacked Metal Face with a branch that was burning from a hot ember he'd found in the forest. Lowak's troops slaughtered as many soldiers as they could as they continued to race along the Tytan retreat path to ambush St. Aegolius. Ezylryb told Bart Sampson that he'd managed to pry off Grimble's mask & grabbed his mind cap with his battle talons & managed to yank it out of Grimble's head. The cap, as mentioned earlier, had been welded into Grimble's head to prevent a repeat of the earlier battle in which Hortense's cap had been removed. Ezylryb claimed that even if Grimble could still have his mask on or survive without the mask, he would still would've died from the fact that the cap had pulled out skin & small bits of bone & brain matter, causing the wound to bleed profusely. Ezylryb also mentioned that Grimble fainted in less than minute of having the cap ripped from his head & either went yeep or just plummeted to the ground. If he wasn't already dead from the cap removal, he was dead when he crashed into the trees or ground. His corpse's location remained unknown.


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