The Milky Revolution was a plot made by aliens in the Milky Way galaxy, who intended to rule the universe by ridding it of those claimed "unpure" as in those who were weak by claiming things from the island of Yore on planet Chiron. The Pure Ones were those who opposed Yore & were loyal to the king Aegolius.


Plan to destroy all impurityEdit

Aegolius was a young boy when he realized the "true state the universe should be in" & help fix the conditions, everything perfect & blamed Yore for the problems of the apocalyptic crisis that changed Chiron's biosphere.

Founding of the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans & Building the Pure One ArmyEdit

Aegolius killed his parents because of their beliefs & fled to canyons, later called the St. Aegolius Canyons. Aegolius ordered his friend, Skench, to round up & kidnap young children & send them to the canyons to be selected for his army. Aegolius built up armys & ordered two divisions: Magnet workers & soldiers. Soldiers were sent to training schools with his girlfriend, Nyra, while magnet workers were sent to a glaucidium, where they would be forced to be sleep theraptized & moon blinked. The moon blinked workers would then begin mining for magnets & store them with big buckets filled with magnets, while enforcers carryed the buckets off.

War of the Ice KingdomsEdit

Up in the Northern Kingdoms, Aegolius prepared his army & sent a rebellion against Yore. But the war eventually changed tides after Lyze of Kiel, a legendary warrior (who Bart Sampson knew as Ezylryb), joined. Lyze defeated Aegolius & the Yorians liberated the canyons, cured the moon blinked children, arranged to find their parents & send them home, but if they couldn't, they took them to Yore to be trained to be a guardian

Failure & New PlanEdit

Aegolius gave up on his first plan that failed because of Lyze of Kiel's actions (who'd just changed his name to Ezylryb & had a new brother, named Lowak of Iks), Aegolius ordered Skench to recapture the freed prisoners & find more to take. However, his mistake was taking Bart Sampson, who apparently, had been trained for battle on Saturn in the Andromeda galaxy. When Bart refused to be a soldier, he was ordered to be a magnet worker. After he resisted moon blinking, Spoorn, Skench's second & Aegolius' third-in-command, discovered this ploy & subjected him to moon scalding, but Bart escaped & went to Yore. There he met Ezylryb & Kowalski (Lyze of Kiel in disguise as Ezylryb & Lowak of Iks in disguise as Kowalski).