Mount Madagascar is the tallest mountain in Madagascar. It is possibly the same height or slightly lower or higher than Mount Amazon in Africa. Mount Madagascar is the home of the Madagascan king & his throne & is the home of the court of the Guru. Julien XIII said that the totem pole on the mountain is the closest sacred thing to the Sky Spirits in Mount Olympus.


The mountain is separated from the mainland of Madagascar by the Wolfenstein & Niagara Rivers. It's so high & winding in paths that it takes usually 2-12 hours at the most to get to the top. The mountain borders the southern mountain range near the southern polar ice cap, it seems to be near Mount Everest & Kilimanjaro.



At the very bottom of the mountain is the village of Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein hangs on the side of the river & usually connects the mountain to the mainland of the empire.

Summit GroundEdit

Throne & Lodge AreaEdit

Mount Madagascar's most famous area of it's summit is the king's throne, which is an old sacred tree stump that has a back that is like a seat.

Court of the Sky SpiritsEdit

Near the throne area is a big row of benches & a bonfire with a huge totem pole in front of it.

Transportation SystemEdit

The transportation system of Mount Madagascar relys on three ways onto the mountain & two ways up.

War Ground BridgeEdit

There is a bridge that cuts through the Niagara River. The bridge leads to a steep hill that would end up in the village

Wolfenstein Tram SystemEdit

The Wolfenstein Tram System is a huge cable with a tram car that repeatedly goes over the Wolfenstein River. The tram car brings the person across the river to the mainland or into the village.

Summit TrailEdit

There is a secret trail in the Redwood Forest off of the Wolfenstein River that winds to a huge bridge that leads over a shadowy delta area of the river's source. The trail apparently is a huge shortcut that runs up the mountain & the exit on the mountain is right behind the totem pole in the court of the sky spirits.