Niagara Falls is the only waterfall of the Madagascan Empire. The falls run from the Madagascan Ocean down into the Niagara River.

Ideas of usageEdit

Electrical SystemEdit

The constant flow of water is so powerful that it spins a turbine placed under a bridge built over the bay, just in front of the falls, that produces the electrical system in several areas of the empire. To be accurate, the turbine is spun approx. 102,816 times a day. The falls' powerful flow also impacts the forced direction of the Niagara River, which continuously flows away from the falls, even though tributary currents flowing into the river could cause the sudden change or reverse of direction.

Water Purification SystemEdit

Under the bridge, just past the turbine, is a huge system of water purifyers. The salt from the water is trapped in a filter, piped through the bridge & back into the water of the ocean while the water passes through & flows the Niagara River. However, there are several purifyers spread out along the river every couple of miles as oils, waste products & natural deposits of dead tree branches & eroded mud constantly flow the river, coming from animals that live on the lands & the deposits of dead nature from the Wolfenstein River & other pump issues from Wolfenstein village. The purification system had salt removal system since the end of the war between Lords Madagascar & Africa. The purification system was upgraded & improved during the reigns of Lycaon, Julien III, Julien VII & Julien XI, due to failure for fresh drinking water & the poisoning & deaths of several villagers.


151-149 B.C.Edit

In the reign of Julien XIII & his ancestors, many went over the falls as a publicity stunt. Many died, while some came out unscathed or seriously injured by the fall or the crash or both. The falls becames a naval strategy battlepoint as the falls were isolated from the rest of the fleet's normal attack zone & the falls allowed African warships & other unwanted watercraft designed for war by the Africans to be pulled towards & subsequently fall over the falls & end up dying, along with the watercraft itself being cracked in half & obliterated to pieces.

130-129 B.C.Edit

Bart Sampson told a few kids of his adventure to Madagascar & told them that Julien took his wife, Julia, on a honeymoon to Niagara Falls & he was lucky to have Julien XIV already born, currently in the hands of Julien's right hand man, Maurice, back up on Mount Madagascar. This probably hinted Julien & his wife had died by falling over the falls in a barrel as many who did go over did.

Notable successesEdit

  • James "Lucky" Scott †

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