During her crime life in Madagascar, Pinky left kiss marks on papers of places she used to hide at & on people she killed. These kiss marks became known as her signature kiss.

Signature KissEdit

The Signature Kiss are from a second lipstick Pinky owns. The first two signature kisses took the shape & color of red kiss marks. These kisses were left behind to show evidence that she did it. This was left from cockiness because she never got captured.


Attempt to kill Marcus FinchEdit

The first four kisses were at the start of Pinky's crime life. During the assassination plot of Julien XII, Pinky was assigned to kill Marcus Finch. To do so, she chose to do it in the most silent means possible, leaving no traces of physical harm. She'd perfected a lipstick that if anyone was kissed, they would freeze to death. Pinky kissed Finch, who was bedridden from a carriage accident, while disguised as a nurse. She took off her nursing cap & applyed two coats of her second lipstick & she kissed her cap & left it on the bedside table, with a paper that announced Finch's assassination (which was also kissed before she left). As she was leaving, she put on more lipstick, bent over & kissed Goldie Finch's cheek & got down on Harold Finch's body, turned his face & kissed his cheek.


Victims of the Ice Kiss that had been recovered had been known to have a red kiss mark sighted on either their left, right or both cheeks, such as Andrew Thomas & Suzie Smith.

Second War of Madagascar & AfricaEdit

In the Second War, Pinky used the Kiss on prisoners that weren't put into ice lock. She used a special waterproof lipstick. Whenever she faced a new prisoner, she put on lipstick & left a red kiss mark on their cheek that could not leave them.

Known KissesEdit

Crime Victim Kiss location(s)
Assassination of Marcus Finch Harold Finch Both cheeks
Assassination of Marcus Finch Goldie Finch Left cheek
Assassination of Marcus Finch George Shane Right cheek
Assassination of Marcus Finch Marcus Finch Nurse cap
Assassination of Marcus Finch Marcus Finch Death note
Kidnapping of Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas Left cheek
Kidnapping of Suzie Smith Suzie Smith Right cheek
Attack of Bart Sampson Bart Sampson Both cheeks
Paper on Mount Everest


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