Project Aldetra was a space program that followed the Andromeda Program & Project Star.


Probe launchEdit

Part A of the project was to launch millions of probes to discover the following about the universe: how many planets there are, what are they called, do they support life, what stars are out there, how many are there, what are the constellations in those planet's zodiacs & what is the location of Saturn within the universe. The first probe: Saturn 1, was launched on Ring 5, 23, 145 B.C.. The probe was then shot off into the farthest reaches of space. The following probes, named in order, were launched following this & were set for different areas. Some, like Saturn 1, went too far that they lost radio contact & were never seen or heard from again. Others, like Saturn 8 & 17, were destroyed by Zathura & the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The rest either crashed into a space rock or other junk & were crippled & destroyed or they entered the atmospheres of planets & incinerated or returned to Saturn.

Interplanetary Space StationEdit

Part B was to create an interplanetary space station. The purpose was to send one representative of the planet up to a station to meet with others from different planets & study & experiment with substances & other materials in microgravity & to discuss the differences between each other. Uranus, however, did not agree with this plan secretly & sent seven other representatives to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto. These representatives were to move into homes on the planets & join the Space Academy & have themselves nominated to go to the ISS. Saturn learned of this ploy & stopped Part B of the project immediately after the final compartment of the ISS was in place.


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