Saturn Silver protector

The River Styx was the longest & most sacred river on the planet Saturn, it was believed to be the first ever stream to be created by Saturn in Saturnian mythology & Saturnus was to keep it moist. If someone was to swear an oath on the Styx, they would risk getting sent to Atomic Island, the Land of Death, if they broke it & be forever tortured. Those who bathed in the Styx were believed to be healed by it's waters, if it was ever polluted, it could worsen their conditions. Saturn's Little Helper was a dog that Major Homer Sampson found on the Styx's banks & brought it to his house & helped nurse it back to health & in 503 B.C., Bart Sampson bathed in the Styx to heal himself & the Saturnium waste radiation mixed with the waters & benefited Bart by slowing his biological aging so he would retain the same appearance & would only age 1 month every year instead of 1 year.