The ranks of royalty in Madagascar & Africa were sorted like:


The list goes from highest to lowest:

  • Overlord (God, Sky Spirits)
  • Lord/Lady
  • King/Queen
  • Prince
  • Duke
  • Baron
  • Count
  • Right Hand Man
  • Left Hand Man
  • Court Marshall (Madagascan)
  • Attendant (Madagascan)
  • Delegate (Madagascan)
  • Soldier/warrior/infantry/cavalry/artillery/navy/army/air force
  • Citizen (Madagascan)
  • Peasant (African)



An overlord is a high rank that has never been considered within life, if one was considered an overlord, they were a god or Sky Spirit.


A lord/lady is the highest rank possible. The lords retain the powers to stand over the king's decisions & repeal court bylaws that were made by kings or laws that were deemed ridiculous or unnecessary. The lord also rethinks the king's decision & suggests the best possible decision, but cannot order the king to make his decision.


A king/queen is the second highest rank & is the main head of the courts. The king decides the court's laws

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Age laws restrict lordship/kingship or even citizenship from below the age of 13 years old. The responsibility of the lord & king must require good maturity & the age to marry is 16 years in Madagascar.

Passing down lawsEdit

Ever since Lord Julien I/King Julien II, There were strict laws forbidding the lordship of any person unrelated to the king, therefore, the crown had to be passed down to heirs of kings & the king would retire into a lord while the heir would become king. According to the law, no one can become king, if the king is to die with no direct relative in the nuclear family, the lord may take the king's place unless their was another heir that was to be the king after the first who was murdered. For example, Lord Julien VI remained lord after King Julien VII died, but had an heir before his death, thus setting up kingship for King Julien VIII.

Sky Spirit LawEdit

The Sky Spirit Law is tied with Julien II's law, if the lord & king were to dead & there was no heir or the heir was too young, the right-hand man would take over the position of lord & king until he has an heir to be king or the heir of the original king was to reach 13, a good example would be Julien XIV's lordship after his father & mother's deaths at Niagara Falls, where he grew up in the hands of Maurice. This was decided in the manner of Osiris' lightning bolt, which would strike the air above the right-hand man's head & symbolize a crown of Ra.