The S.S. Africa Death Head was a pirate ship owned by the African Empire. The boat was made in Blood Bath Bay, which Blinky, with the help of Africans, managed to take over to force an army of pirates to work for the African Navy in their own style. The boat is made of metallic wood.



African lord Clemson put Blinky in charge of the African naval fleet & ordered him to usurp Blood Bath Bay to create his own navy. Blinky used his budget money hiring pirates & built the ship. Unlike other pirate ships, the ship's wood was 1' 6" thick with an interior layer of steel, making it impossible for simple cannonballs to dent it. The cannons were also upgraded to cause super sinking firepower. The only way a cannonball could destroy the ship was to be hit by cannons with amplification collars

Sinking of S.S. Amazon Voyagers 254 & 512Edit

The Death Head was responsible for the destruction of the S.S. Amazon Voyager trading cargo ship 254. The Amazonians didn't know of who sunk it until the Africans ordered a trading embargo & threatened to destroy their fleet if they didn't stop trading to Madagascans. They sent S.S. Amazon Voyager 512 to send 254's unshipped cargo supply, as a result, the Death Head destroyed the ship. The Amazonians were outraged, but failed to report this to the Madagascans due to the fact that they couldn't get past Blinky. Clemson ordered Blinky to retaliate to the Amazonian's refusal to embargo trade & Blinky responded with the Amazonian Naval Massacre. On that day, Blinky's fleet sunk the ships of the numbers 76 to 198, 267 to 301, 304 to 511 & 513 to 525. The Amazonians then decided to embargo trade by then & cut off all trades with the Africans until the Africans would cease fire & lose their grip on the Madagascan waters.

Second Great DrowningEdit

The Death Head left it's post with extra ships & opened fire on a pack of Madagascan Navy canoes & kayaks. However, the S.S. Amazon Voyager 526 managed to get past & sailed into another area of the Madagascan waters to prevent it's sinking by the Africans after giving the Madagascan shipment & reporting to them of Blinky's attacks.

Second WarEdit

The Death Head was major enemy as it was the largest naval threat on the Madagascan waters, causing trade failure & interference of naval training drills. Julien XIII declared war on Africa & began Operation: Reverse Double-Cross. Because of the ship's well construction, Dimitri, the best diver on the Madagascan Navy, found cannon blast amplification collars from the shipwreck of S.S. Amazon Voyager 526. After that, Blinky lost his sea battle against Bart, who surrendered after jumping aboard & got Blinky to weasel out where Julia V was held captive.