In African Labyrinth & End of the Line, a safe zone (a.k.a. safety area, safe area) is an area on the kill screen level where Julien is put within the dangerous part of the maze for protection to trap the assassins. A trap zone (a.k.a. trap area) is also an area exactly similar to the safe zone, but it is for assassins who are trapped within that area of the maze. The safe-trap zones are areas that are dead ends, circular ends or inescapable one or two way passages.

Where are they in the game?Edit

African LabyrinthEdit

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In the 256th level of the game, the right side becomes a mess of random numbers & symbols. The safe zone is right next to a yellow B & C. Julien will run around in circles around the first one that is to the left of the second next to the B & C & will cross into the second, which is a dead end while the trap zones are around his safe zone. Clyde is in red, Inky is in blue & Pinky is in pink, Blinky will not be trapped, except the point where Julien is in Safe Zone 1, where Blinky will be trapped in a circle in his orange zone.

End of the LineEdit

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End of Line Kill Screen 5

Julien's safe zone is the area outlined in yellow, the trap zones are the areas for each assassin outlined in red, blue, pink & orange

In Level 12 of End of the Line, the entire board is erased, except for the African House. As seen on this image, Julien's safe zone is the area within the yellow box, the trap zones for Clyde are the straight lines outlined in red, Pinky's pink, Inky's blue & Blinky's trap zone is in the orange box. Unlike African Labyrinth's 256th level, all four assassins are trapped, while three are trapped in the original game (Blinky is trapped in African Labyrinth temporarily)