Sarah was the first known girl to begin to rebuild civilization in the desolate wastelands of the universe since 1 A.D., she met Bart Sampson & helped him begin to learn how to survive under the conditions of the dead universe & find out how to rebuild civilization & the universe.



Sarah was Saturnus' last creation of humankind for eternity. Sarah had no humans for parents & was a lone child that was created by Saturnus to carry on & help restore the universe while Saturn & Saturnus were exhausting & required someone to replace them. Sarah was only half god as having Saturnus as her father

Bart SampsonEdit

Bart Sampson was the only boy that Sarah found in the remains of the destroyed universe. Bart was seen wandering the landscape, disheveled & broken from his horrors of experiencing the Great Detonation, Sarah too had been sad & lonely as she had no one around with her, As soon as Sarah met Bart, she kissed him & she claimed she'd been saddened that the gods were denying them & she was the only human girl left who was to save civilization from total extinction. Sarah & Bart swore an oath to help each other survive & help do what the gods wanted them to do, they kissed & they marryed each other to help begin growing civilization. Bart's life was however short compared to Sarah's as his aging wasn't slowed so much that it wouldn't keep him around forever & he died on Ring 4, 23, 10 A.D., leaving Sarah behind with 2 kids. Because of Bart's death, Saturnus took pity & made another boy she would marry.