Saturnian Spider Solitaire is a game where the player plays spider solitaire, but is facing off against a wager of money & another opponent. Bart Sampson played this game against his friend Milhouse & his sister Lisa

How it's playedEdit

Spider Solitaire is played like so:

  1. Place money in
  2. First player goes first, if the game is timed, they must play the game with the smallest amount of time possible, if the game is move-based, the player will start with a score of 500 & every move costs 5 points while every K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A stack gives out 50 points, the key here is to play with the least amount of moves possible & if it's mixed, the player must play under a certain number of moves
  3. Second player goes next, if the game is timed, they have to beat the first player's time, if the game is move-based, they need to have less moves than the first player & a higher score, if both aren't achieved, the wagers are split in half (such as a wager of $250 each player, each player would receive $125) If the game is mixed, the player has to go under the time limit of the first player & get the smallest number of moves
  4. If neither player meets the second goal of a two-goal game, then the wager is split in half, no one winning anything else


  1. Dropping out of the game is called "a spider's kiss" or "kissing the spider".
  2. In the timed game, the first player has restricted times (the game cannot last longer than 15 minutes at the most)
  3. In the move-based game, the first player has to have less than 1,000 moves & can never reach 0 points during the game.
  4. No cutting, or unequal splitting, the money if the fourth step comes into effect
  5. No sneak-outing, or betting less than the equal amount of money in the wager, money