Saturnian mythology is the mythology of the people who lived on the planet Saturn. It was the 5th type of mythology in the Aldetra Nebula. It was very hated by Mercurians, Venians, Martians, Jupiterians, Uranians, Neptunians & Plutians as it's defyed their mythologys.

Beliefs by the SaturniansEdit

Saturn, the god of the universe, was believed to have created the universe, His pet, Saturnus, was believed to be the guardian of life on Saturn & all other planets of the universe & would prevent famine, disease or drought. It is believed that the River Styx was the first thing that brought life to Saturn & Atomic Island was invented for dead souls & to get to Atomic Island after death was to cross the Sea of Limbo. Hades was the universal god of death & Atomic Island, no other mythology says any names different than Hades, Thanatos, Charon, Torque, Sump or Ivan the Dead. The great black hole, Zathura, the closest to Saturn is believed to be the prison of fire of monsters such as Cyclops, Triculons, ghouls/vampires, werewolves & more feared creatures.

Beliefs by Uranians, Plutians, Mercurians, Venians, Martians, Neptunians & JupiteriansEdit

Uranian mythologyEdit

On Uranus, it is believed the god Uranus & his brother Ouranos, created Uranus & in 505 B.C., Uranians believed Uranus & Ouranos were punishing the Saturnians for not believing in him

Other mythologyEdit

Many believe that their planets were named after a god that invented their planet & believed they created the universe, but Saturnians decided to name the star that they believe Saturn had invented to be claimed as the Star of Saturn.