Saturnium rod
A rod of Saturnium
The location of Saturnium on the Table
Periodic Table
Atomic Number: 50
Mass Number: 224.5
Atomic symbol Sa
State of matter (ART): Solid
Stability: Unstable/Radioactive
Period: Not yet recorded
Group: Not yet recorded
Type: Actinoids
Isotopic build
Most common isotope: Saturnium-225
Most common type of decay: Alpha decay (half-life of 75 years)
Number of protons/electrons: 50
Number of neutrons: 175
Usage by Saturn
Found on: Saturn
Naturally occurring on other planets?: No
Most common use: Ion propulsion for spacecraft
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Other appearances:
Last appearance:

Saturnium is the 50th element on the Aldetrian Periodic Table of Elements. The element, like Uranium, Mercurium, Venium, Marium, Jupiterium, Neptunium & Plutonium, is a rare substance that usually cannot be found anywhere off of Saturn. Saturnium is used for electricity on Saturn & is used to fuel Saturnian spaceships, which cannot run on elements below the atomic number 49, but cannot work correctly with elements above the atomic number 51.

Isotopic buildEdit

The most common Saturnium isotope is Saturnium-225. Most Saturnian ships run on Saturnium-225. The element's status is below:






Space travelEdit

Andromeda 203 launch

The Saturn V rocket for Andromeda 203's liftoff flames are ignited by H2O2 & the rest of the fuel for space flight is Saturnium ion propulsion

Saturnium is so common in Saturn & is so powerful, it is used in Saturnian spacecrafts such as Super Saturn X's, Saturn GX's, XT's, GXT's & Andromeda Service & Planetary modules. Saturnium is used to propell a spaceship through the void of space & get to other planets. Certain spaceships that are used from other planets such as Uranus, cannot run on Saturnium due to the lack of natural quantitys & the atomic number being less than 51. Uranian ships rely on the use of concentrated isotopes of Uranium-234, the most common Uranium isotope.


There is an unintended flaw in the idea of using Saturnium to get from one planet to another as rocket fuel. Saturnium is a rare element in the universe only known to the planets of the Aldetra nebula, which this element is only supplyed on Saturn. There are some simple errors such as the possibilty of running out of fuel, the insertion of it into the spacecraft, removal of waste.


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