In every mythology, The Sea of Limbo is a sea that is surrounding the far-out universal island of Atomic Island, the Land of Death. It is believed to be a giant body of water that is limbo, it separates life from death, Planets & the universe from Atomic Island, the Styx from the land of Hades.

Atomic Island & the SeaEdit

The sea is believed to be the ever-surrounding body of water that departed souls must cross to get to the Gates of Fate on Atomic Island, the island in the universe that could never be seen where dead go. Anyone in the sea was declared to be in limbo, they weren't dead yet, but they weren't alive either.

Hell IslandEdit

There is another island neighboring Atomic Island called Hell Island. The Island is practically a giant endless abyss. Evil spirits are sent to Hell Island to be shoved into the hole, where they spend the rest of their lives in darkness. At the very bottom of this deep hole of eternity is a nonstop inferno, burning the spirits, which is worse than Option 1 punishments.