"The sky spirits are the gods of the planet & our universe, no matter where you are in the universe, they still exist. No matter what you call them, Saturn, Saturnus, Uranus, Ouranos, Ra, Thoth, they are all exactly the same, I, the mighty Guru am a speaker of the gods & show their emotions & I speak several universal languages, but I speak the ancient sacred language of the gods"
—The Guru to Bart Sampson about the nature of the Sky Spirits

The Sky Spirits are a group of gods that all exist & are believed in by the Madagascans & Africans. The gods Saturn, Saturnus & others, all except for Hades, Thanatos & Charon, exist in different names.

Nature & Cultured BeliefsEdit

The gods are believed to be animal-headed, showing signs of their powers. There is a godly tiki pole in the court of the gods on Mount Madagascar. Lord Julien XIII explained to Bart Sampson that the tiki pole was the closest resemblance to the gods & the closest thing that was sacred to the sky. On the Sabbath (Day of the Court), on Madagascar, which is Friday, the gods speak words to the Madagascans through the ancient Guru. Bart Sampson observed that Julien was correct about the gods living on the tiki pole as a silently raging & whirling funnel cloud extended down from the sky to the pole. It is claimed the Madagascans worship the spirits of Mount Olympus, a spiritual temple of the gods' home, which hovers directly over Mount Madagascar & is only accessed through that funnel cloud. The Africans are claimed by Madagascans to worship the evil versions of the gods of Mount Othrys, which hangs directly over the court of the gods in Africa on top of Mount Amazon. In the imaginative idea of what Mount Olympus & Othrys look like is that Olympus is a large temple with a red brick roof, supported by marble columns & floors & is all white & silvery, while Othrys is an exact replica in structure, but the colors are reversed so the temple has a brown brick roof & black & gold-painted marble columns & floors. Inside each is a hearth fire, which behind that is a semicircular line of thrones of the gods with pools of immortality behind that. The ceiling is starry, sometimes the hearth is put in another spot & it is replaced by an orb of stars.


Mount OlympusEdit

Name (on Madagascar) Name (on other planets) Animal of power Role
Ra Mars (Martian mythology) Eagle, Male King of the gods & Olympus, god of the sun
Sia Venus (Venian mythology) Eagle, Female Queen of the gods & Olympus, goddess of the moon, beauty & love
Thoth Mercury (Mercurian mythology) Barn Owl, Male God of knowledge, wisdom, time & space
Rome ???? Barn Owl, Female Goddess of gravity, physics & inertia
Saterum Saturn (Saturnian mythology) Bear, Male God of fire, snow & water
Hera ???? Bear, Female Goddess of dreams & protector against nightmares
Saterus Saturnus (Saturnian mythology) Hawk, Male God of land & oceans
Diane Aphrodite (Venian mythology) Hawk, Female Goddess of archery & cause of love
Osiris Ouranos (Uranian mythology) Fossa, Male God of the sky
Isis ???? Fossa, Female Goddess of planets
Glaux Glaux Snowy Owl, Male God of war
Hades Hades Death (Vulture) Lord of Atomic Island
Thanatos Thanatos Death (Vulture) Gatekeeper of Atomic Island
Charon Charon Death (Vulture) Judge of Atomic Island

Mount OthrysEdit

Name (in Africa) Evil Version of the Olympian God Symbol of Power Role against Madagascans
Ra Ra Sun King of the evil gods & Othrys, god of the Burning Sun
Gaia Sia Moon Queen of the evil gods & Othrys, goddess of hate
Cronus Thoth Hourglass God of time & space
Rome Rome Physics Goddess of physics
Sater Saterum Fire God of fire, snow & water
Hera Hera Nightmares Goddess of nightmares, fighter against pleasant dreams
Sader Saterus Oceans God of land & oceans
Diana Diane Archery Goddess of archery & spreader of hatred
Set Osiris Sky God of the sky
Nephthys Isis Planets Goddess of the planets
Devil Glaux Combat God of war
Hades Hades Death (Name ID) Lord of Atomic Island
Thanatos Thanatos Death (Name ID) Gatekeeper of Atomic Island, Snatcher of souls & cause of death
Charon Charon Death (Name ID) Judge of Atomic Island