Sludge's gang is a gang of drunken mobsters from Madagascar, who are ruled by Sludge.



Specific in rankingEdit

  1. Sludge
  2. Trash
  3. Riff
  4. Two-Bit
  5. Diesel
  6. Sewage
  7. Killer
  8. Ice
  9. Action
  10. Violence



Sometime before 154 B.C., a kid who was nicknamed Sludge was arrested & tryed before the Madagascan Royal Court. He was voted innocent & the trial left a precedent for the repeal of the Alcohol Welfare Act, created years before by Jason Lovell.

153-152 B.C.Edit

The early days of the gang were more simple than they were in the time of the Second War, yet they are very unknown. According to Orenthal Winston, he'd known the group since Sludge was tryed by his family. The actions of the gang are on a day-to-day basis of hobbys: Getting soused every morning, enough to last all day & wreak chaotic havoc amongst the lives of people who enter their wake, anyone "messes" with them (even walk near them) would be dealt with. Every single day, at least one Royal Security agent had to turn up to chase them away, warn them & threaten to arrest them.

151 B.C.Edit

One day in 151 B.C., Orenthal Winston was showing Bart Sampson a tour of Madagascar. When they were passing the Julienville Convenience Store, the pair noticed one member of the gang molesting two underage girls, who were about 6-8 years of age. Orenthal, being in Royal Security, walked to the gang & confronted Sludge & threatened to arrest the entire gang. Eventually, the whole gang was arrested & a small minority of them were released without punishment while others were fined & the rest were jailed.

150 B.C.Edit

The imprisoned mobsters were released the following year & the gang began a march against Madagascar & Africa. They raided African camps, stealing artillery, burning tents & smashing cannons & other unnecessary weaponry & they robbed liquor stores & vandalized entire citys almost in one night at a time. Royal Security was powerless to stop the threat of Sludge as he was a minor setback compared to the Africans. Sludge was considered a villain, martyr & a hero: He invaded the African camps (under the influence of alcohol), leading Africans to believe him as a government agent, yet he still committed crimes in Madagascar.



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