Snowmageddon (also known as Snowpocalypse) is a cyclic patterned natural disaster that is considered the worst blizzard of the century & worst rainfall of the century on the planet of Saturn. According to meteorologists, every 100 years, a natural process will take place were the winds will align in a pattern that will drive storms from the Far North southward & vice versa (the Far South northward). During the winter of the north/south of the year this event happens, the hemisphere experiencing winter will face six straight rings of both snowfall & little or no natural sunlight while the hemisphere experiencing summer will face six straight rings of both rainfall & cloudy weather conditions, which the rainfall is dubbed "Rainmageddon" or "Rapocalypse". The event takes a whole year, which is dubbed the Year of Snow or the Year of Rain or more accurately, the Year of Precipitation.



Meteorologists have cause of this "predictable" year of precipitation. Throughout the history of Saturn, every 100 years after the previous year of precipation, the rotation of Saturn along it's axis pushes wind into certain shapes & after at least 100 revolutions of Saturn, the entire planet's wind currents undergo a major change & are forced northward & southward before the year begins. This creates a doldrum on Saturn for a few rings, which generates an eerily calm silence in the air, which often marks a precursor to this disaster. The winds will then force the storms of the Far North & the Far South to head out of their positions & move towards the Equator. In the hemisphere facing summer, the snowstorms of the Far South will melt & cause a huge amount of rainfall that doesn't stop for six months. Meanwhile, in the hemisphere facing winter, the snowstorms of the Far North stay frozen & condensed & create storms of snow, hail & sleet.



The worst conditions of the disaster is in the winter, when the hemisphere experiencing winter is facing away from the Star of Saturn. The frozen storms block natural daylight, causing little or no light to reach the surface of Saturn & mass snow buildups occur, forcing people to retreat indoors. The awful conditions can deprive the victims of their food, water, power & other necessitys needed to survive the six months.


The conditions in the summer are no better than winter, but a major difference is that the snow melts to water. This causes major rainfalls & some daylight can breach the cloudiness & come to the surface. Victims in the summer are able to go outside for a little while as they do not have to risk freezing to death, but risk getting caught in flash floods.

Known YearsEdit


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