Star II
Launch Statistics
Launched on: Ring 6, 29, 139 B.C.
Landed on: Ring 6, 12, 138 B.C.
Service/Command Module: Star

4,550 lbs. Houses 6

Planetary Module: Andromeda

3,950-4,750 lbs. Houses 4

Planet explored:
Directed by the: Project Star
Crew statistics
Crew at launch:
Original crew:
Backup crew:
Recorded statistics
Proceeded by: Star I
Succeeded: Star III
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Star II was the second mission of the Project Star. It concluded the close of the two planets that were never landed on in the previous mission, Star I, which had to end prematurely due to a problem on board the fourth PM.


Name Role Landing on Planet 1 Landing on Planet 2 Landing on Planet 3 Landing on Planet 4 Number of expected landings
James Rockefeller Pilot Yes 1
Fred Jackson Pilot Yes Yes Yes 4
George Smith Commander Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
James Knight Pilot Yes Yes Yes 3
Sarah Johnson Pilot Yes Yes 2
Harold Haise Pilot Yes Yes Yes 3



First landingEdit

Second landingEdit

The CSM Star redocked with the PM Andromeda. Fred Jackson, George Smith, James Knight & Sarah Johnson all loaded into the CM & shut off the hatch. The ascent stage of the first PM remains unknown. Johnson piloted the CM & the crew met the S-X from the Saturn VIII rocket that was launched days earlier, specified to shut down on arrival at a spot near their first targeted planet & the CM docked again with the new PM. Once they arrived at Ceres, Fred Jackson, George Smith, James Knight & Harold Haise floated into the PM & undocked. The group landed on Ceres & began running tests on the surface of the asteroid planet. Meanwhile, up in the CSM, Sarah Johnson (who did not have the honor of landing on neither Minerva in the last mission or on this planet in this mission) & James Rockefeller piloted the CM in orbit around Ceres. Hours later, the APS for the PM Andromeda was fired & the crew was returning to the CSM Star. To the astronauts Fred Jackson, George Smith, James Knight, Sarah Johnson & the retired Michael Von Braun (located back on Saturn, listening to the mission progress), who served on the last mission, this landing signifyed the completion of the aborted Star I mission.

Third landingEdit

Fourth landingEdit

Reentry & SplashdownEdit


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