Vampiral Throat Kiss
Diana's death by a ghoul's kiss
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Title: Starlet Diana
Gender: Female
Race: White
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Diana was a famous Uranian starlet who was killed sometime in between 520-510 B.C., Diana died because she had a bad relationship with a ghoul, whenever he was hungry, he knocked her out & kissed her throat, she eventually was kissed too much that she died of lack of blood, putting the whole planet of Uranus under alert about the seriousness of ghouls.


First Life & Death (Between 520 & 510 B.C.)

Diana's first life was bitter in the end, she died at some point between 520-510 B.C.. Her death was self caused as until her last day of life, she never realized that she'd attracted a male ghoul who she had been dating & he'd been ruining her life by kissing her throat & sucking up & depriving her body of blood. On the night she willed to dump him, he ambushed her & sucked up the last of her blood, thus destroying her after she refused to give him a kiss on the lips.

Time on Atomic Island (510-490 B.C.)

510-491 B.C.

After she'd been killed, Diana ended up in Asphodel for her good deeds to help Uranians under depression & entertain them & gave money to save them.

Ivan's escape

After Ivan the Dead's attack on Thanatos during his scheduled torture burning, the Gates of Fate had been opened, which Charon was unable to help do anything to lock them shut as Thanatos was the keeper of the keys & was in a rejuvenation sleep to help heal himself & revive his strength to capture Ivan. While Thanatos was down, Diana followed the direction of souls of Asphodel & crossed the Sea of Limbo back to life on Uranus.

Second Life & War against Death

Diana came back & shocked Uranians by her sudden appearance & planned to fix her first life & replace it with a longer & happier life. However, she refused to help Ivan the Dead & turned down any exceptions that would put her into a role to fight in a war against Atomic Island. After the war, Thanatos visited her & asked her if she would like to return to Atomic Island, Diana turned down the request & asked Thanatos if Hades could let her live long enough to fix her old life until she was too old to perform in her shows. Diana died at some point in the 400's.