Vampiral Throat Kiss

Death by a kiss

Starlet Diana died by the hands of Dracula, the father of all ghouls on Uranus. It became a famous story on Uranus as Diana was a huge star.

Story about Diana's fate


It was said by many that Diana had became sickly ill after dating Dracula & she was totally oblivious to the facts that Dracula was a ghoul until she researched him.

Dracula's killing

First attempt

When Diana met Dracula at his "house" in the graveyard he was living in, Diana prepared to say that she was dumping him & she knew all about him, Dracula however interrupted her & tryed to kiss her on the lips, but she slapped him.

Second attempt

Diana told Dracula she was done with him & she knew all about what he'd done to her. Dracula then knocked her out & kissed her throat & sucked up the last of her blood.


Vampiral Kiss

Diana's death reminded every Uranian to be on their guard against ghouls to prevent themselves from suffering the fate of the Vampiral Kiss

Diana's death hurt everyone & warned Uranians to keep watch for ghouls so they wouldn't suffer Diana's fate. Uranians formed angry mobs to seek revenge on Dracula & destroy him, Dracula disappeared from Uranian history in 512 B.C. & was never seen or heard of ever again for years, even after Diana resurrected. Dracula feared he'd be destroyed by Diana as vengeance for mutilating her & killing her when she was so young.