Stephanie Johnson is a Madagascan supermodel actress. She is rated to be the most beautiful actress. John Winston had a small affair with her during her time on the Julien Airbus Explorer II during it's flight over the Erian Ocean.


Early YearsEdit

Acting careerEdit

Julien Airbus Explorer II filmingEdit

Johnson was enrolled as the leading actress in a new film called Love From Above the Ocean. In it, she starred a young woman who was going to go on a vacation with her boyfriend, portrayed by Harold Starkey, & her vacation would be a trip over the ocean. The director claimed that the only plane they could possibly find was John Winston's Explorer I. The director requested that Winston use his plane to shoot the scenes. However, Johnson distastefully excused herself as she was disgusted with the hygenic standards & appearance of Winston's plane. Winston told her to leave the premises & never return unless if she apologized. Without any plane, the movie couldn't be filmed. Afterwards, Winston built a plane named the Explorer II. The director requested the stars be on a flight that would go over the mysterious ocean beyond the forests. Winston denied Johnson's allowance on board the plane for insulting his last one. Johnson apologized as forced by her husband & the director. Winston invited the whole cast aboard on his fifth flight that would be the first of another three or five flights over the Erian Ocean.

Johnson-Winston AffairEdit

On the second day of the flight, Winston took a break from his piloting dutys for the safety inspector, Marcus Jackson, to inspect his plane. Winston encountered Johnson as she had just finished a scene. Winston engaged in a conversation & followed her into her room. The actress & pilot, both being drunk from too much wine or champagne, began to make out in Johnson's bed. The two kissed for a while before Winston left & headed back to the front of the plane while Atticus Johnson almost discovered this affair.


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