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Sump, also infamously known as Sump the Impaler of Atomic Island, is the officer in the execution of souls of Option 1 Punishments by impalement for reactor vent burnings. He is the brother of Torque & he loves to play with stuff like knives, spears & other sharp & pointy objects, it was rumored he died because he impaled himself while Torque burned himself up while stoking a fire at the same time.



Not much is known about Sump or Torque's lives, though rumors & legends say that they killed themselves using their favorite things such as fire & sharp objects.


Sump was probably one of the first souls near the beginning of the universe to come to Atomic Island, Because he loved to use sharp objects when he lived, he was given the post of impaling those ready to be executed by Option 1 Punishments. Him & Torque both got their most favorite things in the whole universe in their deaths, Because they loved being dead as they couldn't die twice & Sump had learned to be more careful, they didn't leave Atomic Island when the Gates of Fate were left open due to the accidental impalement attack on Thanatos by Ivan the Dead & remained loyal to Hades while the dead kept crossing back into the Sea of Limbo & back to life. Sump's most enjoyable impalement & burning was Ivan's.