Thanatos is the immortal god that guards the Atomic Island gates & prevents souls from leaving or reversing direction. His inability to hold the gates after being impaled by Sump the Impaler once rendered the gates unstable, allowing the first ever breach of the living universe in the history of mankind.

Theological BioEdit

Thanatos is the gatekeeper that works with Charon in keeping souls on Atomic Island. Thanatos also works in the court of the island as the fourth judge, working next to Smoky & Charon.

Known BioEdit

War on Atomic IslandEdit

Thanatos was impaled by Sump by accident when Ivan the Dead was having trouble with standing correctly to be impaled. Sump then impaled Thanatos & Ivan climbed onto the reactor chamber & knocked Torque out of the way & started the reactor, severely wounding Thanatos to the point that Ivan could open the gates. Over a course of 10 years, Thanatos recovered from the attack & managed to close the gates for as long as 2 seconds, which got longer & longer. Finally, after Bart Sampson was shot by Ivan, Thanatos opened the gates for him to leave & both managed to keep the gates shut, preventing any souls from exiting.

Zorgulon attackEdit

Thanatos could not control the death gates & let the robotic Zorgulons in as they were in the form of the Destructinator. The Destructinator attacked Hades' pillar & lamped up all of the power of the universe, stealing away the powers of the reactors, the Forge & ability for anything to work. Prolonged exposure to this weakened state would have allowed spirits of Hell Island to escape their abyss & return to terrorize the universe & the gates of death would open completely & the Forge would not work & the reactor would allow inmates like Ivan the Dead to escape. However, the defeat of the Zorgulons forced them to explode, scattering the energy & when they detonated, all the energy lamped up immediately returned to Atomic Island.


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