The Rebirth Period of Ivan the Dead & Atomic Island (a.k.a. The Great Death War or the War of Death or the Death War) was a period of war between reborn lives & Atomic Island, which they escaped from. The war was started by Ivan the Dead's return to life after attacking Thanatos & escaping Hades.


Attack on Atomic IslandEdit

Ivan the Dead attempted to consult with the court on Atomic Island about life in Asphodel, but Thanatos kept throwing him back into the fields, when Ivan tryed to go in through Charon's path, he had to sit & wait for the last court case to end, but when the case was over, Thanatos found Ivan there & threw him back to Asphodel & Thanatos then reported to Hades of Ivan's "attempt to escape". Ivan was then tryed by the court, he was unanimously voted guilty 4-0 (Charon, Smoky, Thanatos, Torque, Sump & Hades all expected Ivan to pull a move like that [Hades wasn't involved in the ruling as the vote could only involve him if it was a tie]). Ivan was the set up on the execution pad in front of the reactor & was impaled by Sump. Torque then started the reactor, Just as Ivan was about to be devoured by the lava & sucked into eternal torture (worse than kissing a ghoul), He managed to have yanked the object that Sump impaled him with & threw it at Thanatos, who fell into the court basin & Ivan climbed onto Hades' pillar (the central tower & the one that was in front of the reactor) & waited for the lava to subside & then ran out of the court, being chased by Hades' lightning & Charon while Thanatos laid on the court's bottom, unable to move or aid himself by removing the spear he'd been impaled with.

Emptying Atomic IslandEdit

Almost a few days after Ivan returned to life, The Forge & Asphodel began to empty like water. Because of the fact that the Forge made the spears Sump used for impalement & that it's power helped fuel the reactor, the production of spears came to a halt & the reactor became too weak to emit any lava, while the fires could only brew on the souls' torture, who of which were trapped inside the reactor. Bart Sampson became aware of this by his interview with Diana after hearing about her reappearance, though she told Uranians it was just a stunt trick & she'd been alive all along, though Bart knew she'd been lying about her death & she didn't want to admit it.