Thomas Hawthorne
Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on:
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 14
Social life
Other statistics
Occupations: Doctor
Resides on/in: Africa, Eris
Behind the Scenes
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Last Appearance:

Thomas Andrew Hawthorne was an African doctor & terrorism sympathizer of the Madagascan Death Clan.


Early YearsEdit

Thomas Andrew Hawthorne was born & raised in Africa. During sometime in his life, his brother, Algernon was born. Over time, both Hawthornes began to sympathize the cause of the Madagascan Death Clan, with Algernon joining & Thomas supporting it.


Thomas Hawthorne was educated in the African Institute of Medicine, Science & Astronomy. There, he studyed medicine for 5 years & earned a doctorial degree for it.

Withdrawal of support from the ClanEdit

Main article: Assassination of George Madagascar

On March 25, 153 B.C., the Clan pulled off it's final active mission: the dream of killing George Madagascar. Thomas' brother, Algernon, managed to stab Madagascar & killed a guard before he died from being shot while the two Marcus siblings outside attempted to get in to assist Hawthorne & were killed. Upon discovering this the next day, Thomas Hawthorne withdrew all of his support for the Clan & no longer considered Clyde a friend. It was when Clyde had discovered a boy named Blinky that had been washed ashore that he had to get Hawthorne to examine him. Hawthorne took advantage of Clyde's need for Blinky & charged him a high price of money. Hawthorne examined Blinky & operated to remove the problems he had.

Leaving Africa & research in MadagascarEdit

Hawthorne decided to leave Africa as the supporters of George Madagascar were illegally breaking into known sympathizers houses & killing them & Hawthorne's brother was directly linked to the crime. Hawthorne packed up & sold his house & got on a ferry to Madagascar. Ironically, the move was on the exact same day that the Julien Murder Strike Team had left for Africa. Hawthorne then switched his role to become a Madagascan citizen. On the night of his request for naturalization was accepted, Julien XII was murdered & Hawthorne was arrested for the conspiracy & his citizenship denyed & was threatened with either life imprisonment or deportation. Hawthorne actually provided information about Clyde & the others, but claimed he had no idea that Clyde would even be hired to do such a thing. Hawthorne was released eventually & was accepted as a citizen. He was then hired to the best hospital in Wolfenstein & taught the doctors there more about medicine. African medicine research was more advanced than Madagascans as the Africans are closer to the Amazonians & most of the doctors in Africa are visiting witch doctors.

Second War & DeathEdit

Hawthorne assisted in aiding the wounded in the Second War. When Clemson discovered the former sympathizer's treason, he ordered Clyde to warily extradite him back to Africa for a trial for treason. Hawthorne was captured & imprisoned in Chapel Island for some short time during the war & was brought to Africa. He was tryed & sentenced to death. Recovered transcripts of the trial found by Madagascan soldiers revealed that the doctor had been executed by Pinky & his body was cremated.


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