Time is an element of the universe, which measures aging & events in the universe.

Known thestic time (God time)Edit


B.C. stood for "Before Combustion", this was an era of a distant past, where the universe first started by (in Saturnian mythology) Saturn created Saturn with his pet, Saturnus, who was protector of life as Saturnus created John & Mary, the first boy & girl to ever live. However, they unintentionally polluted the River Styx by doing things that upsetted the balance of the environment. Saturnus warned that someday, they would die & sometime after that, every living soul would die as the universe would. That day of creation was known as Ring 1, 1, 1000 B.C., though the number was actually 1 on the Saturnian calendar. In 1 B.C., A plague called the Time Death killed many in the universe, then, the foretold day that the universe would end came.

Y (Year of Detonation)Edit

Y stood for the Year of the Detonation, the Great Detonation happened at 0:00:00 on Ring 1, 1, 0 Y & went till 9:59:59 on Ring 12, 31, 0 Y. The Detonation included many horrible disasters.


A.D. stood for After Detonation, after 0 Y came the period where the Detonation finally ended, but life was as rare as ever, Atomic Island began burning up those who didn't work fairly in the Forge to reduce it's population as the area of Asphodel was exceeding maximum limits while the Forge wasn't getting enough hands. Bart Sampson was the only survivor of the Time Death & Detonation & he met Sarah, the first girl he'd seen. Bart's survival of the Detonation had been caused by atomic radiation by the Saturnium waste during the nuclear age of Saturn back in 503 B.C. while bathing in the Styx, therefore, he was immune to the Detonation & the Time Death. He helped aid on repairing the ruins of the universe & help fixing it as the gods (in Saturnian mythology) Saturn & Saturnus were too exhausted to help support their lives & they would have to live on their own without no miraculous help from Saturn or Saturnus, they had to do whatever they could do by themselves in order to survive & rebuild civilization.