Tom Radley
Vital statistics
Born on: 520s B.C.
Died on: 460s B.C.
  • "Boo"
Gender: Male
Race: White (considered morbidly pale)
Social life
  • Many people who believe in the rumors about him
Other statistics
Resides on/in: Radley Manor, Sampsonville, Styx, Saturn
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:
Thomas "Boo" Radley is a reclusive boy who lived in his house in Sampsonville for most of his entire life. He was outcasted by people who began to spread rumors about him.


Personal LifeEdit

Radley is heliophobic. The reason dates back to a time when he was around 3, during one of the last times anyone ever seen or heard of him outside his house. In his school, he was taught a lesson about the sun & was terrifyed when he saw a picture of a man whose face was half-aged because of the UV rays given off by the Star. Due to this, after the death of his family, Radley was no longer able to trust sunscreen & decided to shut himself away from UV rays. He closed up his house's windows with curtains to prevent any light from breaching the house & he only opened some during winter. His phobia also led him to develop a mirroring nocturnal life cycle. At night, he would leave his house to go to markets & buy food & in the day, whenever he had to leave home, he would wear a white robe with a black veil to assure the whole coverage of his body (he wore black at first until he found out that white would repel heat rather than absorb it).


Bart SampsonEdit

Throughout Radley's life, he longed for friends, but failed to find any due to his reclusive behavior. However, once encouraged by Lisa Sampson, Bart Sampson took a short walk to Radley's door & asked if he could come inside. Radley did so after asking who Bart was & the two became friends. After a few times of talking to Radley, he discovered that Radley was reclusive, not because he didn't like people, but it was because he was scared of the Star of Saturn's UV rays that would cause him to age with continuous exposure. To encourage relationship with Radley & the outside world, Bart brought along Milhouse Van Houseman & his bowling team, Team Saturn-Sampson, on occasions to help create friendships between the boy & others.

Milhouse Van HousemanEdit

Team Saturn-SampsonEdit

Every few times a week, during the day or at night, Bart's bowling team all went to entertain Radley by playing card games. If they played at night, Radley would leave his house without fear & go to the friend's house & play cards. However, he was sometimes sympathized by the parents of the friend or scared the friend's parents into believing he was a ghost due to his morbid appearance. Due to the fact that some kids taunted him by waving a sun lamp at him few times, he excused him

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