Ultra V
Vital statistics
Created: Ring 10, 26-28, 475 B.C.
Destroyed: Ring 10, 31, 475 B.C.
Creator: Bart Sampson & Milhouse Van Houseman
Use: Same purpose as the Mecha-Congar drone, but an additional goal at the time of creation: To hunt down, capture & destroy all the zorgulons on Saturn
Technological Info
Part of the: Ultra Program
  • Supplys bought to five star quality
  • Accurate target readings
  • Heat scanners
  • Military drone
  • Seeks out threats
  • Cost is cheaper to replace than it is to build & rent
  • Extreme expenses
  • Bad history in the Ultra Program, especially from Ultra IV
  • Program confined to expiration with denied failure upon renewal
Affiliation(s): Saturnian Border Patrol
Economical impact
Cost to build: S$500,000
Cost to rent: S$750,000
Cost to replace: S$250,000
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Galaxy Wars VI: Intergalactic Halloween
Other appearances:
Last appearance: Galaxy Wars VI: Intergalactic Halloween

The Ultra V (called the Ultra 5) is a military drone for the Saturnian Border Patrol. It was built to replace the Project Congar & it restarted a new Ultra Program after a court battle between John Masters & Bart Sampson.



Main article: Ultra Program#History


Renewal attemptsEdit

Main article: Sampson vs. Masters

Building & testingEdit




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