Uranian mythology is the mythology that is fought against Saturnian mythology by Uranians against Saturnians.


Ancient beliefs of originsEdit

Uranians believed that the legend of the origin of Uranus & the Aldetra Nebula was by the god Uranus & his brother Ouranos, the god of the sky while Uranus was god of land, water, agriculture & the universe.

Modern beliefsEdit

Uranians believe that Uranus & Ouranos were punishing them for some unknown reason as silver tubes fell from the sky & killed or mutated anyone who got too close. Ghouls were believed to be cursed by some, but oracles of Uranian mythology believed that they should make sacrifices by ghouls as they believed they had been punished for refusing to help the famine of Saturn.
Vampiral Throat Kiss

Dracula kissing the throat of Diana at her death

Vampiral Kiss

Uranians believed that ghouls could be used for sacrifices to gods Uranus & Ouranos, here for example is a girl giving up her life with a sacrificial kiss

But later, researchers of Uranus found that Uranus wasn't punishing them & that Saturn was to blame, starting the Great Space War.