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Uranus' heavy atmosphere, masking the surface

Uranus is the neighboring planet of Saturn & Neptune & is the 6th planet from the Star of Saturn. Like Saturn, it has it's own mythology, but Uranian mythology & Saturnian mythology tie in with different names such as Saturn, the god in Saturnian mythology is actually called Uranus in Uranian mythology along with Saturnus being called Ouranos. Uranus was a planet of great beauty, it's heavy atmosphere made it very protected by harmful radiation that Mercurians experienced because of the weakness in their atmosphere.



Uranus in Uranian mythology, was believed that the twin god brothers, Uranus & Ouranos formed Uranus, Ouranos being the sky & space while Uranus was land & water. In Saturnian mythology, the story is exactly the same as Saturn's believed beginnings, but Uranians called Saturnians "spaceouts". A spaceout was a Uranian word meaning "deceiver of religion, not in that world". Uranians called those who denyed Uranian mythology spaceouts.

Before the Saturnian crisis of famine, war & drought (Before 510 B.C.)

Uranus & Saturn had a Rebel War Prevention Treaty signed so that Uranians & Saturnians wouldn't end up fighting each & Saturnian officials declared Saturn as the capital of the Aldetra Nebula as Uranus was the last conquered by Saturn. Uranians & Saturnians stayed out of each other's ways, but made a cold war for several hundred years while Uranus built up alliances with Mercury, Venus & Pluto while Saturn allyed with Mars, Jupiter & Neptune. These century-long alliances would soon be a cause of a galactic war in the Aldetra Nebula called the Great Space War.

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Life, Science & Resources of Uranus

Human lives

There are humans on every planet in the Aldetra Nebula. Humans on Uranus live in safety at their homes before the silver tube nuclear waste crashes in 501 B.C., which killed or mutated everyone near the tubes. As always, some sacrificed their lives to save their planet from punishments by Uranus & Ouranos by sacrificing themselves by criminal charges that upsetted the gods or just as a act of heroics.


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Main article: Vampiral Kiss
Ghouls, or vampires, were humans that had their DNA mutated from nuclear waste. Ghouls feed on the blood of ordinary humans.
Vampiral Throat Kiss

A male ghoul kissing the throat of a Uranian woman

Ghouls bite the victim in the neck & suck up their blood till they are full , however, Ghouls who wanted to have the whole victim perform ano
Vampiral Kiss

A Uranian girl being kissed by a Ghoul, thus, killing herself by losing her blood

ther technique called the Vampiral Kiss. The Vampiral Kiss was also called a Uranian Kiss of Sacrifice or a Sacrifice Kiss as oracles used ghouls to administer the Kiss to sacrifice the victim. There is also a technique of a similar manner to the Kiss called the Vampiral Smooch.