Vampiral Kiss

A Vampiral Kiss

A Vampiral Smooch is another name for a Vampiral Kiss.

Difference between the Smooch & KissEdit

There is only 1 difference


It is a smooch when the victim is awake & the ghoul sucks out the victim's blood by kissing the victim on the lips & cutting the victim's tongue with their sharp tongue & holds his face onto the victim's, no matter how much the victim attempts to resist.


It is a kiss when the victim is knocked out & unconscious, the ghoul would suck out the victim's blood the same way.

Usage by ghoulsEdit

The Vampiral Smooch had been attempted by ghouls, even Dracula had tryed. In the mid-510's, Dracula had sucked up most of Starlet Diana's blood by using the Vampiral Throat Kiss, Diana figured out what was happening after a while. When Diana attempted to dump Dracula, Dracula attempted to get Diana to kiss him on the lips, but she slapped him & he sucked the blood out through her throat. In 487 B.C., Bart Sampson fought against Ivan the Dead in Ivan's war on death against Thanatos & Hades of Atomic Island, Because Ivan was despised by many & those not willing to repeat the past prepared to fight him, Ivan built an army of those willing to destroy Atomic Island & unleashed the darkest monsters from the black hole, Zathura. While Bart was on Uranus, he encountered a girl, who seemed to try to make out with him, but Bart's sister, Lisa, tryed to snap Bart out of his trance & the girl revealed herself as a ghoul & attempted to subject Bart to the Vampiral Smooch & to slit Lisa's throat, Bart was kissed by the ghoul, but unlike every other victim, he survived & the ghoul died because Bart's blood was Saturnian when ghouls were to prey on Uranian blood. Another one of Bart's friends on Uranus, Greg, was attacked, but like Bart, he managed to resist the Kiss, even though the ghoul subjected him to the Vampiral Smooch, he survived unscathed.