Victoria of Yore (born as Victoria Prince) was the wife of Brian of Yore & the true queen of Yore as her husband had brought forth the Ember of Yore.


Early YearsEdit

Victoria Prince was born into the royal family of the Princes, who dominated the Kingdom of the Ice Talons, a mountainous region covered in snow & ice.

Second War of Yore & BrianEdit

Victoria met Brian, a Yorian soldier, during the Second War of Yore, when Lowak of Iks debated with Victoria's father, Lord Thaddeus Prince, to send in his soldiers to assist the Yorian cause. Victoria & Brian had private moments, but were once caught by Victoria's brother, who told her father & her father forbid her from seeing hom again & the defeated Lowak, unable to get any support for Yore, left with Brian.


After the close of the Second War, Brian returned as Brian of Yore because he delivered the Ember of Yore to the Tree & was considered the true king of Yore & needed a queen. He wanted to propose to Victoria, but the royal rules of marriage on Chiron was that if the person was asking the member of a royal family, they have to ask the father/king. Thaddeus Prince, recognizing Brian, said no & ordered him out of the throne room. Victoria & her mother then argued with her father & brother about Brian. Eventually, a demented assassin sent Thaddeus Prince a letter with toxic powder, killing him. Victoria's mother then allowed the two to marry. However, Victoria's brother was now king & forbade Victoria from leaving the royal throne & claimed the marriage was not recognized & he restricted any further contact with Brian. He then locked her up in her room, stopping her from leaving for Yore. However, Brian broke down the door & him & Victoria both flew away while her brother ordered his guards to arrest Brian & instead, they flew off & came back, claiming they killed him, but Victoria got away.

Queenship over YoreEdit


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