Vinegar talk is the name pirates use to engage in an insult competition.


There are two rules:

  1. The time, which each pirate has a different time tolerance, which could be a little or alot of time
  2. Both opponents can never repeat something that was already said, even if it was one part



  • Sheep-brained
  • Marooned
  • Stupid
  • Idiotic
  • Brainless
  • Pig-breathed
  • Pin-headed
  • Mumbling
  • Blathering
  • Bleating
  • Donkey-earred
  • Cricket-sized
  • Parrot-loving

Middle PhrasesEdit

  • Grog-abusing
  • Scurvy-ridden
  • Twisted
  • Barnacle-backed
  • Clam-tongued
  • Yellow-bellyed
  • Duck-billed
  • Seaweed slurpin'
  • Cross-eyed
  • Toothless
  • Pus faced
  • Knuckle dragging

Insult PhrasesEdit

  • Swabber
  • Cabin boy
  • Bag of vomit
  • Anchor-head
  • Piece of filth
  • Waste of skin
  • Sack 'o' maggots
  • Whale fart
  • Cow-pie

Coming soon


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