There have been a number of wars in the Madagascan Empire.


Major wars are wars that are known to the public & are serious. In these wars, the Imperial Flag of Madagascar is lowered & replaced with the Battle Flag to represent that the empire is at war. There are 3 major wars that were fought between Madagascar & another empire.

War Duration Fought against Winner Budget
Great War 995-905 B.C.? Alexander Africa None $9,850,755
Second War 151-149 B.C. African Empire Madagascar $16,058,260,540
Civil War 75-10 B.C.? Separatist Empire, Chinese Empire, Vatican Empire, African Empire TBD ?


Minor wars were wars that are not disclosed to the public & are recorded in history. These wars are when it's a minor situation occuring outside of the Empire. As said, the public doesn't know about the war & to assure no knowledge is learned, the Battle Flag of Madagascar is not flown during any of these wars.

War Duration Fought against Winner Budget
Amazonia ? Vatican Empire Madagascar $2,500,000
North Mountain ? Chinese Empire China $6,245,000
Vatican Defense ? African Empire Vatican Empire $20,000,000
Vatican-Chinese ?-153 B.C. Vatican & Chinese Empires Madagascar $100,000,000


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