Wolfenstein is the only village on Mount Madagascar that has a population of at least 100 & it is the smallest in comparison to the Summit Grounds, the only other populated area on the mountain. Wolfenstein served as a huge point of the Second War, when there was a two battles & sieges from the Africans during the Madagascan retreat.




Armed ForcesEdit

Wolfenstein is the first line defense to protect the Madagascan Empire from destruction. The village's only ways in & out to & from the mountain are the War Ground Bridge that crossed the Niagara River & the tram system that directly crossed the Wolfenstein River. In the case of war, the tram wires were often disabled or cut down & removed completely & the War Ground Bridge was destroyed. As a precaution, in the event that the Africans managed to penetrate the mountain by somehow miraculously crossing the river, the entire perimeter of the mountainside, from one end all the way to somewhere in the Madagascan Swamp, is a pair of electric fences. The entrance to Wolfenstein via War Ground Bridge is closed off by the two electric gates & the entrance is sealed. The power for electrical grid of the inner fence guarding the mountain never laid within the village's power source, but inside of the power generated by the Niagara Falls generators, which the Africans never knew about. The outer fence's power was generated by the power of the oil plants that the Africans had taken control of. At some point, during the Battle of Wolfenstein, a group of "swamp hikers" managed to get onto the right side of the mountain, but underestimated the security as of finding the two electric fences. They soon discovered the weakness & managed to shut down the outer fence, enabling the gate to be opened, but failing to learn of the true power source for the inner fence & were immediately killed when Orenthal Winston discovered them & let loose a switch that gave a shock around the mountain that electrocuted & killed anyone that was within 10 feet of the inner & outer fences. The only way to avoid that was to dive into the Niagara River.


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