Yore is a kingdom of humans of Chiron that live on islands in the middle of the seas off of Cape Glaux. It's a religious island for the sacred tree that lived for hundreds of years. Yorians hated Aegolius, whom of which, left to canyons to build an army to destroy the Yorian islands.


First War of YoreEdit

Aegolius blamed Yorians for the crisis of the uninvented technology & horrible living conditions. Aegolius built an army by kidnapping (as he called it "rescuing") young kids & raising them to be soldiers or moon blinking them to become magnet workers, who mined for magnets in a pit called the magnetorium.

Rise of Lyze of Kiel & Lowak of IksEdit

In some point, Kielians relyed on everyone to become soldiers as well as Ikians as the battles of Yore were fought up in the Ice Narrows so Yorians could be sneak attacked in the south by Tytan runners. In Kiel, a kid named Lyze was born & grew up as a soldier. Later, Lyze hid in the Ikian forest while his mother gave birth to his brother, Lowak.

End of the WarEdit

Lyze dealt with battling & Lowak came up with a battle strategy as he knew Aegolius' strategy. Lyze distracted Aegolius in the battle on Mount Ice Claws while Lowak left & ambushed the Tytan runners, who'd managed to get to the shore of the Beaks & then, Lowak liberated the canyons of St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans.

Between WarsEdit


Lyze of Kiel & Lowak of Iks wrote up many battle songs & famous Yorian anthems to celebrate the fall of Aegolius from the first war.