Yorian Harp

A diagram of the primary side of the harp (left) & the secondary side (right). The primary strings are a dark gray & the secondary strings are lighter gray. On the left, the grays are barely visible in certain spots towards the long end of the harp

A Yorian Harp is a harp for the island of Yore on the planet Chiron. Yorian harps became popular on Saturn when Bart Sampson brought back a copy of the instructions how to make one & they replaced the older Saturnian harps.

Differences between Saturnian harpsEdit

A key difference is that the harps are twice as large as a Saturnian harp & there are two layers of strings & arms. The harp strings are aligned in a parallel formation. One layer contains the primary strings of A, B, C, D, E, F & G & the other layer contains the secondary strings for the sharps/flats of the primary strings.


The parallel formation allows the strings to move freely, unlike Saturnian harps, which have one armed layer with all the strings. The extra strings on one layer crowds the space, making it hard to strum the correct string & the little space can cause the strings & notes to clash & create dissonant harmony that does not sound as good as it should. These harps can allow the player to strum the correct strings without problems.


The strings used are not made in the correct configuration. There are 7 strings of one thickness & the next 7 are of another thickness, slightly thinner. The only problem is that the length of each string is reserved to the longest as the thickest string & the shortest as the thinnest string. Also, the extra string layer doubles the size of the harp, making it too large to be held or played neatly.

Known practitionersEdit

Known songsEdit

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